A Destined Christmas Miracle Is LIVE!!

Hello all, and Happy Valentine's Day! It's been a while, I know, but I am back and ready to update you on life and my newest release. Life has been good. I've been staying busy writing and finalizing A Destined Christmas Miracle for publication. I finished Finally Free, the second book in the All Access series, and will be working on the third book, Breaking The Pattern, soon. I'm not sure how many books will be in the All Access series, but I'm excited to see where these couples will take me. Now, onto what y'all are here for! A Destined Christmas Miracle After a year, this book is LIVE!!! Colin and Stephen's story is emotional, full of twists and turns, and has a happy ending. This book was inspired by K.C. Wells and Parker Williams's book, Make Me Soar. What Dorian went through was heart-wrenching, and his story has stayed with me, even after finishing the book a year ago. While Colin and Dorian go through something
 Hello lovely people,  I am Holly - Jaiyde's PA and I have exciting news!! We are hoping to launch an exclusive newsletter for Jaiyde's fantastic readers so they can join her in her writing journey. Tell all of your friends and click the link to  subscribe  today!  Find the landing page for the Newsletter with all of my Follow Me links here ...  Jaiyde has also started a new  Facebook Group  specifically for her readers to get teasers and sneak previews into her current work in progress.  Also have a look to the left of the screen and you will find all of Jaiyde's follow me links for all of her various platforms so you never have to miss out on anything this wonderful woman is doing.  Watch this space - more exciting things coming soon :) 

Camp NanoWrimo is Upon Us

 Hiiiii all! I'm sorry that I haven't posted in a while. Some things have happened, and I've been trying to focus on my upcoming project, which I'll discuss in this post. Camp NanoWrimo is coming up tomorrow, and I will be taking part. Participating in NanoWrimo was super fun, and I created a masterpiece which should be out this summer. It's an emotional story of two men who find what they need in each other. I am so proud of A Destined Christmas Miracle and what it represents, and I hope you will enjoy it as well. Now, onto Camp Nano. Tomorrow starts another writing journey for me in which I'll be working on a story that I'm already obsessed with. As I've mentioned before on this blog, I write about blindness, and this story will take you deeper into what it's like being blind. Not everyone who is disabled has the opportunity to grow, learn, and thrive in a healthy and nurturing environment, and this story is proof of that. Chase's family life i

My NanoWrimo Journey

Welcome back! I thought it only fair to write this post, seeing as November's almost over. I had an amazing time participating in the challenge, and I will tell you about my experience: So, I signed up for NanoWrimo a few days before November 1st. I had just published Claim Me, Love Me, and had a general idea of where I wanted to go next. I set up the project's page with a running blurb, and I set my goal to the recommended 50,000 words, even though my goal was 75-100,000. I also wrote character sheets, general plot points, and an outline of 8 chapters. Then, October 31st came, and I enjoyed a lovely evening with my friends, watching The Return of Michael Myers and wondering how in the hell I was going to complete an entire novel in 30 days. November 1st came, and I worked hard. I was determined to see this novel through, and I set daily word count goals for myself. I only had a couple of days where I didn't reach my goal, or didn't write at all. I was not going to give

Meet Jaiyde Thomas

Thanks for joining me today! Hi, I am Jaiyde Thomas, an author of gay romance. This is my space where I'll talk about my books, my favorite authors, and so much more! Now, let me tell you a little about myself: My entry into the genre of gay romance started a few years ago. My good friend wrote a book, and needed readers for it. I happily accepted her offer, and from then on, I was hooked on that series of hers. Since then, I've read gay erotic collections, and have included some gay stories in my own writing.  Recently, I've found two new authors who have changed my reading path in a sense. K.C. Wells and Parker Williams are the authors, and their books have definitely inspired me to write my own gay romance. I found their series, Collars and Cuffs, in the summer, and I was hooked. My fingers never left my BrailleNote unless to eat or use the restroom, and once I finished it, I needed to read the spin-off series. The writing style between the two authors is phenomenal, and